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Currently, the RadioGroup binding does not implement the extended functionality for


RadioButtons have different behavior from the RadioGroup, when selecting values :

Expected/desired behavior

RadioGroup should have the same behavior.


  • Kendo UI version: 2022.1.119
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In addition to the Foreign Key editor template, populate a list which holds all the categories and pass it via the ViewData - you can see how this is done in the ForeignKeyColumnController.cs PopulateCategories() method.

On the above page, the above statement is made.  Other than the function call to PopulateCategories() I don't ever see the actual code run in the function shown anywhere.  Can someone please add that code and/or point me to my misunderstanding?

Thank you.

Court Harris
Equity Residential

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Of the highest priority, we desperately need file explorer for inserting and uploading images.  In the AJAX editor, this appears to be build off the radFileExplorer control which is the other one we REALLY need for MVC which doesn't exist at all.