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Created by: Don Leduc
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Is it possible to implement an option to change the position of the Wizard ActionBar (Buttons and Pager elements)?

For example:

Last Updated: 15 Jun 2021 13:44 by ADMIN
Created by: Mark
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Category: Wizard
Type: Feature Request

Currently, when a Telerik UI Form is nested inside a Telerik UI Wizard, the user should click twice on the Submit button after they have changed a field. 

Steps to replicate: 

1. Nest a form inside a Wizard.

2. Change a field in the form.

3. Click on the submit button.

4. The form is not submitted as the blur validation consumes the click. The user has to click the button submit again.

Short video demonstration:


Last Updated: 03 May 2021 06:27 by ADMIN

Currently, to set a field's label and text the Wizard's Label() and Title() options must be used:

	.Field(p => p.DropdownId)
	.Label(l => l.Text("Dropdown"))

It would be helpful if the Wizard can be configured to get these from the data annotation attributes in the model:

[Display(Name = "Dropdown")]
public int DropdownId{ get; set; }