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When a RadSlider is in Lightweight render mode and it is configured to be vertically oriented, its decrease and increase handles are positioned outside of the container of the control. As a result they could appear in elements that are located above and below the slider.

Currently this can be avoided if you add margin to the slider:

    <style type="text/css">
        .rslVerticalSlider {
            margin: 2em 0;

    <telerik:RadSlider ID="RadSlider1" CssClass="rslVerticalSlider" runat="server"
             Orientation="Vertical" RenderMode="Lightweight">
Last Updated: 20 May 2015 10:25 by ADMIN
When the RadSlider control is in Lightweight render mode and its property TrackPosition is set to TopLeft, its elements are centered vertically or horizontally depending on the orientation of the control. It is easier to see this behavior when the slider has a bigger width in vertical orientation and bigger height in horizontal orientation.

The text of the slider items of RadSlider with ItemType="Item" and Orientation="Vertical" is aligned to the right.
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When the width of the RadSlider is higher than 2100px, the Selected Region is looks broken.

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