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Created by: Jochen
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this is my scenario:

I add the MapMarkers to the markers collection  on Server side.
I bind the marker click event on server side and forward the retrieved values to a hidden input and button:

            // Verbinden des Clicks

            string function = "function(sender) { var title = sender.marker.options.title; " +

                " title = title.substr(0, title.indexOf('-') - 1); document.getElementById('" +

                c_MarkerData.ClientID + "').value = title; document.getElementById('" +

                c_Markerclick.ClientID + "').click(); }";

            c_Mainmap.ClientEvents.OnMarkerClick = function;

<div style="display: none; visibility: hidden">

    <asp:HiddenField runat="server" ID="c_MarkerData" />

    <asp:Button runat="server" ID="c_Markerclick" OnClick="c_Markerclick_Click" />


The title starts with a unique ID of the data entity - i need this id to identify the data row when handling the c_Markerclick_Click event. So i misuse the marker title to forward this.

If the MapMarker would have a Tag attribute or so, i could set that on Server side and retrieve the needed Information in a clean way.

Greetings Jochen
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In the Kendo/ASP.Net Map add the option for a legend with distance scale that updates on zoom level.  See attached image for placement and function 
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This feature would be useful when the bound markers are dynamically changing. With such functionality the end-user will be able to automatically examine all bound markers and would not need to pan or zoom. 
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Category: Map
Type: Feature Request

This is actually a request for the RadMap category, but that option is not listed in the "Category:" dropdownlist on this page for some reason?

The problem -- when a RadMap's marker has its tooltip visible (say, by rolling the mouse over the marker), moving the mouse over the tooltip itself does not prevent the tooltip from disappearing. Instead, when the mouse is rolled over the tooltip, the tooltip will hide itself. 

This should be changed for two reasons: 1) when a user rolls over a tooltip, it means they are interested in the tooltip's content and likely do not want it to close. 2) If you have a link inside the tooltip, it can be impossible to reach it in time before the tooltip closes. 

Lengthening the delay to closing is not a solution to this problem. Nor is enable click-to-open, click-to-close for the tooltip, since requiring clicks to open or close the tooltip is too time-consuming for quick scanning of tooltip (until the desired marker item is found).

Only keeping the tooltip visible when moused-over will resolve this issue. I can think of no reason to let the tooltip close when moused over.