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Add property allowing the developer to define the maximum count of the items which can be shown in the drop-down without scrolling. For example, it the current items are 2, show no scrollbar (even if menu's DefaultGroupSettings.Height = 300px), but if the item are more than 10, use the set scrolling height.
Last Updated: 18 Aug 2014 07:51 by ADMIN
Currently, as mobile browsers scroll bars are transparent and initially not visible, there is no indication to suggest to users that a mobile RadMenu can be scrolled down to see items not currently displayed.
The suggestion it to add a mobile RadMenu visual indicator which shows to users that there are more items to be seen on scrolling the menu. It would enable customers to set a mobile RadMenu height that does not fit all items, and indicate to users that the expanded menu is scrollable.
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Created by: Boyan Dimitrov
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