Last Updated: 12 Mar 2024 16:12 by ADMIN
Release 2024 Q1

Image gets a really dark or light when saving in a jpeg format. It works for png.

The issue occurs with SkiaSharp 2.88.6-preview 1.2. It works with versions: 2.88.5, 2.88.4, 2.88.3
Last Updated: 31 Jan 2024 09:02 by ADMIN
Release R3 2023
The commands in ImageEditor can be executed as soon as an ImageSource is specified, but before the the actual image is loaded. Since the image is loading asynchronously, executing a command too early causes racing conditions and random crashes.
Last Updated: 21 Sep 2023 07:07 by JJ
Image gets offcentered when crop is applied and image is saved in jpeg format. The issue occurs with SkiaSharp 2.88.6-preview 1.2.
It works with versions: 2.88.5, 2.88.4, 2.88.3
Last Updated: 21 Apr 2022 10:40 by ADMIN
all items inside the effects toolbar item disappear when the items are not automatically generated and you tap on the effect toolbar again: 


<telerikImageEditor:RadImageEditorToolbar Grid.Row="1" 
                                                  ImageEditor="{x:Reference imageEditor}" 
            <telerikImageEditor:EffectsToolbarItem AutoGenerateItems="False">
                <telerikImageEditor:ContrastToolbarItem AutoGenerateItems="False">
                    <telerikImageEditor:CancelToolbarItem HorizontalOptions="Start" />
                                <Slider Maximum="2" Minimum="0" Value="{Binding Value}" />
                    <telerikImageEditor:ApplyToolbarItem HorizontalOptions="End" />

Last Updated: 02 Feb 2021 13:56 by ADMIN
When adjusting brightness and contrast on an image the image is lost and the control goes black or white, depending on adding or subtracting.

SkiaSharp version is 2.80.2.
Last Updated: 13 Aug 2020 10:07 by ADMIN
When resizing after cropping an image - this makes the image uncentered of the control, and also lost transformed shape.