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When there are more messages in Chat on initial load, it should scroll to show the most recent ones.
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Release R2 2020

If the ItemsSource of RadChat is bound to an ObservableCollection of chat items and the control is not visible, adding items to that collection crashes the app with the following: 

Foundation.MonoTouchException: Objective-C exception thrown.  Name: NSInternalInconsistencyException Reason: attempt to insert row 0 into section 0, but there are only 0 rows in section 0 after the update

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When you try to INSERT (not add) a new item to the RadChat non-empty Items collection, the error "An item with the same key has already been added" is raised.
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Created by: robin
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We have implemented chat functionality using Telerik RadChat component. The problem is that the scroll functionality doesn't scroll fully to the bottom on IOS. It randomly stops somewhere in between. The same code runs perfectly on Android. Below I have attached an example code of our solution.

          Author="{Binding Me}"
          ItemsSource="{Binding Items}"
          ItemConverter="{StaticResource SimpleChatItemConverter}" 
          SendMessageCommand="{Binding NewMessageCommand}"
          ItemTemplateSelector="{StaticResource CustomChatItemTemplateSelector}"
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The problem is reproduced sporadically on different platforms or devices. As a workaround you would need to add the same images to platform projects. Please find the images attached.

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Created by: Lance | Manager Technical Support
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Category: ConversationalUI
Type: Bug Report
On iOS, need a way to dismiss the keyboard that doesn't require tapping the "Return" key,

On Android, this is done with a tap gesture. On iOS this is usually done with a swipe down gesture.
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When iOS 12.1 software keyboard is toggled, the entry bar doesn't shift to the right height.

In the attached gif, we can see the entry bar shifted up, but not high enough to stay above the keyboard. As a result, the keyboard blocks the entry bar

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Created by: Viktor
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 Exception is thrown when setting the ItemsSource to null
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When the keyboard is displayed (after clicking into the entry), the messages listview is not resized,so the first messages are hidden and the user cannot scroll to them