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SelectionChanged event of the Chart SelectionBehavior is not raised for LineSeries when DataPointSelectionMode is "Single" and  SeriesSelectionMode is "None".  

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Created by: Lance | Technical Support Engineer, Principal
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When setting a custom Font, the RadEntry falls back on the default platform font family.
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With the previous release (2018.3.1) displaying many items (10000+) with groups and sorting took less than a second. With the latest release (2019.1.1) the time is increased to several seconds on the same device.
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When IsVisible property of an AccordionItem is set to "false", it is hidden, but an empty space with the height of the item header is left.
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When PdfViewer is located inside Popup control, it does not take its size properly.
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When DayStartTime property is set and the user taps on the first timeslot, the start time inside Create Appointment screen is always 12:00 AM
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Hi there,


We're struggeling with the radentry control. For login purposes we use one for the password and one for the email. When we set IsPassword=true this does show dots instead of words, but some basic stuff isn't working.

1) The normal entry with IsPassword=true does also hide the suggestion tab that is above the keyboard. We also tried hiding this with other settings but to no result. This control should also hide suggestions since it is a password and we don't want to cache this in any way.

2) When we replace the radentry password field with a xamarin entry password field (so set IsPassword=true on both) then we also get the password fill option. In this case Samsung keypass. I imagine if people are using autofillers such as samsung, google, or something else, that this should also work since i'm stating the field is a password field.

Tested on android with multiple devices.

Thanks in advance!



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When we have grouping enabled and 2 properties with same name (i.e. TestId and TestID), the ListView is not rendering (or at least not showing any records)
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When an ItemTemplateSelector is applied to the ListView, the item must be refreshed on each property change, to give the ItemTemplateSelector a chance to re-evaluate its logic. This causes the item to flicker on iOS, because it appears with its default size initially, and then it gets resized during the measure/layout phase. Specifying a fixed ItemLength in the LayoutDefinition can work around the problem, if dynamic item sizing is not needed.
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When Margins are set to the HeaderTemplate and FooterTemplate they are not applied.
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An exception on iOS is thrown when the ItemTemplateSelector uses DataTemplate with custom cells
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If items are loaded on demand and treeview is placed inside StackLayout, when collapsing and expanding items, at some point the rendering is messed up.
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NullReferenceException is thrown on item property change when ItemStyleSelector is applied
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SelectionChanged starts calling twice when appointments collection is changed at runtime from within the event.

The problem occurs when I update the Events property on either of the events DisplayDateChanged or SelectionChanged. It seems these events are triggered another time, sometimes, when the AppointmentSource gets refreshed. I say sometimes because you can navigate through the weeks as normal, but as some points you notice something went wrong. Here’s a list of what I have encountered so far :
When sliding through the weeks from the days header, let’s say the selected day is a Monday, the next weeks would have the Monday selected as expected. Then a random week would have an other selected day (Friday). It would happen randomly until some weeks get skipped completely.
When sliding through the weeks from the days header, let’s say the selected day is a Monday, the next weeks would have the Monday selected as expected. If I touch the Friday box,  the selected date gets initially updated  to Friday and then a random day between Monday and Friday gets selected.
When sliding through the weeks from the days header, the calendar gets stucked on a random week, and sliding forward or backward through the days header just put you back to the same week. In this case the only way to move to the next/previous week is to slide through the time slot.

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Created by: Jayd
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I have a radcheckbox whose checked value is set on my view model, it is bound oneway. My View model implements INotify. 

When my viewmodel updates the property, the ui does not update. If i set the mode to TwoWay the ui reflects accordingly. I have a converter linked to this same property on another object hence I can't set TwoWay Binding to achieve this(Not included in the sample). The checkbox will just be displaying a state and never be updated by the user


I have tested on iOS and UWP. Have not verified on Android currently, but will require this in future.

Attached is a sample project.

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Created by: Jacob
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Category: UI for Xamarin
Type: Bug Report

We can build on our personal development environments without issue. The issue is only on the Azure DevOps build server. We believe this to be related to a version incompatibility. Possibly the build server is attempting to reference an old library. We are seeing the issue on both iOS and Android builds. 

This issue is well documented here:

Our version info:
- Build server is using  Microsoft's hosted agent with Visual Studio for Mac (attached file with all software installed on the host build-host-software.txt)
- App is on version 3.4.0+
- Referenced libraries use .NET Standard 1.6 and 2.0
- Xamarin.Forms app is hosted in a .NET Standard 2.0 library

Could we get a hold of an older compatible version of the software that can work with our version if there is no workable solution here ?

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As the subject:

Before upgrading to the latest version of Telerik Controls, the Drag/Drop functionality worked correctly but after upgrading the list no longer updates and the item moved returns back to the original position.

Not using "ReorderEnded", everything works fine but this is needed to detect that something has been moved. 

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If we have a Chart with combined barseries and lineseries, and the lineseries is added first, the bars are misaligned - they are not placed in the center of the axis label on Android.

As a workaround, make sure to add first the barseries, then the lineseries.

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Flickering occurs after the RadListView is refreshed. The issue is observed with v 2019.1.116.1 of Telerik UI for Xamarin.
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the issue could be reproduced when RadListView or RadDataGrid controls are inside the content of the accordion item
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