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All parts of the TreeViewItem (indicator, text, checkbox) are defined as one big template. Therefore customization of only one part of the template still requires retemplating the whole item. 

When retemplating is applied to the treeviewitem and  20+ children in the nodes are loaded, the result is as follow: If you run that on iOS and expand a node you'll see that it crunches the UI for a few seconds and then loads the child nodes, but i also see on our application that it will crash some times and either way gives a bad feel to the UI on iOS

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When we call ScrollItemIntoView to scroll to one of the nodes at the bottom of the tree the app will crash with a "Unspecified Error".

I've set it to load 150 nodes into the tree and when you click the "Test" button it will error (using UWP). If you change it to only load 100 nodes or less it should work.

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When the TreeView has more than ~100 notes and the user clicks on the scrollbar and scrolls up or down, the app crashes occasionally with exception "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" on UWP. 
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ExpandCollapse Indicator is still visible when deleting all children of a branch



Reser the TreeView ItemsSource

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This freezing is not happening if we have less number of records, I have tested
with 20 records. But it may load more than 20 records, I do not have the exact number
where this freezing issue starts to happen.

The issue happens when item template is used.

Remove the item template

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If customers try to load struct or readonly struct into the TreeView, the items does not get displayed.
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If there is an input control (Editor, Entry) inside the ItemTemplate of the TreeViewDescriptor and its Text is bound to any property of the data item, changing the ItemsSource of the TreeView raises an exception of type AccessViolationException.