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Last Updated: 23 Oct 2023 13:22 by ADMIN
The exception is easily reproducible in SDK Browser on iOS. Start the LoadOnDemandCommand or LoadOnDemandEvent example to see the exception. The LoadOnDemandCollection seems to work correctly, however.

The ListViewLoadOnDemandCollection can be used instead of the command/event as a temporary workaround, until the bug gets fixed.
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Last Updated: 21 Aug 2023 10:57 by ADMIN
Some Image XObjects are imported but not displayed in PdfViewer.  This behavior usually occurs when the document contains scanned images.
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Last Updated: 21 Aug 2023 10:56 by ADMIN
Some Image XObjects are imported but not displayed in PdfViewer.
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Last Updated: 19 Jul 2023 11:13 by ADMIN
The commands in ImageEditor can be executed as soon as an ImageSource is specified, but before the the actual image is loaded. Since the image is loading asynchronously, executing a command too early causes racing conditions and random crashes.
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when using the justify toolbar item it does not justify the text. 

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For some TrueType fonts, the spaces are displayed as rectangles.
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Created by: Travis
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Category: NumericInput
Type: Bug Report

I have a Xamarin.Forms app, but I only am using it for UWP at the moment. The plan is to have Android and iOS later, but I am having issues with the RadNumericInput (Xamarin.Forms) and how the decimal key is handled.

Here is my XAML

<tkInput:RadNumericInput Grid.Row="4" Grid.Column="1" Value="{Binding Price, Mode=TwoWay}" StringFormat="{}{0:C2}" />

Right now, "Price" will default to 0. The UI will initially show $0.00 because of the StringFormat. That is working fine. When I put focus into the control, I only see 0, that is also fine. The issue is when I try to type a decimal. The value disappears and I see an issue in my Output that says -- Binding: can not be converted to type 'System.Int32'


Example steps:

  • With the value set to 0.00
  • Focus the control -- you will now see just 0
  • Press the decimal key (aka the period key)
  • Notice the error in the Output window in VS and also the control shows nothing at all
  • If you press the decimal key again, you will see two decimals in the control

**** Also, the Version of the Telerik controls I am using is -- 2019.2.603.360. The drop down below doesn't let me choose that version.

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Created by: Robert
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Category: MaskedInput
Type: Bug Report

RegEx mask doesn't work at all.


A very basic test mask, single digit required: 

<telerikInput:RadMaskedInput x:Name="maskedInput" Mask="^[0-9]{1}$" MaskType="Regex">



Anything can be typed in.


In the ApplyMaskFinished event, e.IsAccepted == true.


On top of that, the control has problems when selecting, overtyping and inserting content.

Type something:

Select all text:

Type "1":

I'd expect the entire existing content to be deleted and new value to be "1".

Same goes for inserting a character:


Attempt to insert "4" between "3" and "5":

"5" is overtyped. Inserting doesn't work.