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Implement search functionality. Allow the user to type in the edit box of the breadcrumb and search for a custom path. Currently, you can type only paths constructed strictly from the path property of each item model.

Original Title: RadBreadcrumb needs non-path text editing

Original description: I built a full Explorer clone using the Telerik WPF controls so I am in a solid position to say how close the controls actually live up to the claims that they can give you Explorer-like functionality (minor screenshot attached for proof).

RadBreadcrumb has problems with the string path. The Explorer shell namespace uses binary paths that don't always have an exact translation to a string file system path, for the simple reason that it doesn't navigate the file system exclusively. This means any file system delimiters can be part of each shell item name and over-interpreted by RadBreadcrumb's parser. One immediate example is the child items in Recycle Bin, which use the full original file path as each deleted item name (Explorer seems to special-case this).

What the control actually needs is a free-edit text mode without any automatic "path" functionality, where you do nothing more than bind to a viewmodel string and let the viewmodel decide what to do with the string. Maybe the user types "Recycle Bin" so I have to know to jump there. Or maybe the user types a full filesystem path. Or maybe they even want to treat it as a handy Run window. Either way, I should be able to turn off all automatic "path" functionality.

Unfortunately in the meantime, I have to disable the text edit mode entirely because the path parsing completely interferes with the viewmodel tree that builds the breadcrumb items, and this will cause the red error outline to display.
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Expose a method for adding items into history, instead of the current behavior - add a BreadcrumbBarItem in the HistoryItems collection