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When using German Culture, NoMask and FormatString = "n0" , an incorrect input is produced.

For example pressing 4 times "6" will produce a Value of 7.

This is a parsing issue (6666 becomes 6.666 where "." is a grouping symbol in German Culture).

Then 6.666 is parsed with rounding to 7.
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If you set the OS culture to Dutch (Belgium) and set the Decimal symbol to "." and the Digit grouping symbol to "," you are not allowed to enter 5 digits into the RadMaskedNumericInput control.
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In the Currency and NumericInput controls, clear the sign of the value on SelectAll in order to allow the user to enter a negative value again. At the moment when everything in the controls is selected, the minus key only toggles the sign of the value. Instead you should be able to select a negative value and replace it with another negative value by entering the minus key and the new value.

MinusKeyCustomizations demo is added in our SDK: 
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Implement a behavior to allow dymanically changing the FormatString precision specifier
Reason to mark it Completed: Added the "Dynamic Format String" sample in SDK. Will be live with Q2 2014 (mid June)
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Old Name was. "Implement a feature to change the Value property based on the Text property ". However, Value is the primary property for this control and that is why we want clients to use Value property, not two-way binding of the Text property that changes the Value internally. That is why we changed the name of the feature request.

Its meaningful and clients will benefit from it. Basically clients want the literals to be included in in the VALUE. And this is meaningful only in TextInput. So new property in RadMaskedTextInput (for ex. IncludeLiteralsInValue) seems fine - Estimate 10. 

Example Scenario: 


User types 123456, Value property becomes "12--34--56" which will have the same value as the Text property.

Example Scenario:

IP Address SDK demo. Look at its code - there is converter in file and convert methods in ViewModel.cs. Both Value and Text are bound. If Value includes the dots, only 1 converter and 1 2way bingding would do the job with less code.
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Change the InputBehavior when deleting digits after the decimal symbol: For example if the cursor position is marked with '|': Enter: 1234,56|78  (press 'del') Result: 1234,560|8 - change this behavior so that the result can be 1234,56|8.


We can split the request into 2 desired results. Input: 1234.56|78. Pressing Delete

1) Produces Value 1234.5680 but NOT 1234.5608

Solution: Can be achieved with using No-Mask, FormatString and overriding MaskedNumeric/Currency Input and the protected method ReplaceChar. This is demonstrated in the attached sample.

2) (1) is True + Last zero is removed => 1234.568 but NOT 1234.5680

Solution: 2 is tightly coupled with changing the FormatString or Mask dynamically. There is no way to see number 123.456 if the Mask is "x.4" or the Mask is "" + format string is "n4". To see 3 digits only after the decimal point you need to change the Mask to "x.3" or the FormatString (in no-masked scenario) to "n3". This cannot be built-in feature because it changes a public property set by the client. So, this is custom behavior, it is also demonstrated in the SDK demo DynamicFormatString (it is pushed in GitHub with Q2 2014 Release)
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Add built in masks for Email, IP, Phone, etc. Add design time support for this.