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Category: PivotGrid
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RunExport(filename) method generates a System.UnauthorizedAccessException, Access to the path "C:\..." is denied. given that I`m the administrator and I`m able to export crystal report documents (all formats) with no issues at all. what could be the issue.
below is the sample code:
SaveFileDialog svd = new SaveFileDialog();
            svd.FileName = "AnyThing";
            svd.Filter = "Excel files (*.xls)|";            
            if (svd.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK)
                PivotExportToExcelML exportExcel = new PivotExportToExcelML(radPivotGrid1);
                exportExcel.ShowGridLines = true;
                exportExcel.ExportVisualSettings = true;
                exportExcel.HeaderCellsFont = new System.Drawing.Font("Arial", 8);
                exportExcel.DataCellsFont = new System.Drawing.Font("Arial", 8);
                exportExcel.GridLinesColor = Color.Black;
                exportExcel.CellBackColor = Color.White;
                exportExcel.SheetName = "Test";
                exportExcel.ExportFlatData = false;
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DECLINED: The cells remain bold because there is no explicit setting for the Font property in the default state of the PivotCellElement. When one sets a style for a given element state, this setting will also remain for other states if they don't have an explicit setting for the same property. This is how our theming mechanism works. To resolve the issue, just set the Font property of the PivotCellElement in its default state in Visual Style Builder.

To reproduce:

Open ControlDefaultTheme in VisualStyleBuilder, go to RadPivotGrid -> RadPivotGridElement -> PivotCellElement and set bold font for the PivotCellElement.GrandTotalRow. Bind RadPivotGrid and set the properties AutoExpandColumnHeaders to false and AutoExpandRowHeaders to false. Start the application and expand the rows. You will see that the cells will be incorrectly formatted.