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Release R3 2022 SP2

Add a RadSpellChecker, a MS TextBox and a MS RichTextBox to the form. Try to set the AutoSpellCheckControl to RichTextBox, but the control is missing in the drop down:

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To reproduce:

1. Add a RadChat to the form and assign a default author to it:

Me.RadChat1.Author = New Author(My.Resources.AnneDodsworth, "Nancy")

2. Add multiple messages to get a vertical scrollbar and try to scroll fast up and down. Please refer to the attached gif file illustrating the steps.

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hello, a few days ago in support ticket they gave me this as a solution to move to the last message of the RadChat, but it does not work, if I upload the item and then add a message it does not point me to the last one but the scroll remains in The position I leave, what I need is to know what event or how to make your RadChat the last element.


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Release R3 2019

Please refer to the attached sample project and follow the steps from the gif file. The scrollbar needs to be in the middle.

Note: the issue can be reproduced without action list as well.