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The Free Form Date Time Parsing of a RadTimePicker is not able to recognize "hhmm" as an legit value (ex. 1030 for half pas ten).

This improvement could be nice, as it is a common way to write an time. It is working in Outlook Appointement Form.
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Created by: Jack
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Currently it is not possible to represent time as 24:00 in time picker control as it uses the .NET DateType type, which does not support "24:00" as valid time.
Last Updated: 20 Oct 2014 14:44 by Svetlin
Allow RadSpellChecker to perform check spelling for many controls.

Reason for denial: 
The RadSpellCheker knows the associated document and for example if a user presses ignore all (in as you type) this should be ignored only for specific documents. 
Also spell checker is inherited from MS component named 'Native Windows' which allows spell checker to receive a WND messages from the associated control.