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In the RowDetails for a grid item I have a data template column as below.  If I check the checkbox on the first rowdetails item, every first rowdetails item in the entire grid has the check box checked.  Even if the SentToAcctFlag value for that item is False.  If I check one item in the row details I want only that one item to be checked.  Even refreshing the grid data using ItemsSource does not remove the first rowdetails item checked value for each parent record.


                                        <telerikGrid:DataGridTemplateColumn Header="To Acct" HeaderStyle="{StaticResource WorkOrderGridColHeader}" SizeMode="Fixed" Width="100"
                                                        CanUserEdit="True" CanUserSort="False" CanUserFilter="False" CanUserResize="False"  >
                                            <telerikGrid:DataGridTemplateColumn.CellContentTemplate >
                                                    <CheckBox IsChecked="{Binding SentToAcctFlag}" Margin="12,1,0,0" IsEnabled="True" Checked="SentToAcct_Checked" Unchecked="SentToAcct_Unchecked" />

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I created a post in the forums but I don't know how much attention that particular forum gets.

I have created a simplified project on GitHub that reproduces the problem. 

I'm not sure if the problem is with the control or the framework, but my example project clearly demonstrates the problem. 

I suspect the problem is related to binding the Maximum property of the RadNumericBox. Items in the "Two" group have a higher maximum than items in the "One" and "Three" groups. While scrolling through the list, some items in the "Two" group get their values changed to the maximum from the other groups. It's also odd that the values that change are changed twice. The Debug Output window shows when and how each value is changed while scrolling through the list.

If any of this is not clear, I am happy to provide more detail, however, I'm sure the example project will make the problem clear. 

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After multiple control reload the memory is not released.

Declined: Currently UWP does not have an ImageEditor control. On the following link you can find a feature request where you can vote for introducing such a control and track its status: