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Scott Waye
Created on: 12 Feb 2019 20:16
Category: NumericBox
Type: Feature Request
RadNumericBox - hide the clear button
When the RadNumericBox has focus it displays a clear button on the right, the "X".  In a high data density screen or grid, space can be at a premium and this button takes space, and when the user has a keyboard is not necessary (they can use the delete key) It would be space saving if this button was optional (as per the WPF version).
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Posted on: 13 Feb 2019 09:28
Hi Scott,

Thank you for sending the feature request, it would be a valuable addition to the NumericInputBox feature-set, so I have updated its status to "Approved".

In the meantime, you could manually customize the template of the inner NumericTextBox control and remove the so-called "DeleteButton".  I have attached a sample app to demonstrate how this would work. Please check the included styles in App.xaml file.

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