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Created by: Jan
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Type: Feature Request

We would like to use Kendo React to build a micro frontend UI but we did not found any relevant information that this is currently supported.

The main issue we are facing is how it isolate Kendo theme styling between different micro frontends.

Let's say we have 2 micro frontends A and B:

- A is using Kendo v6.

- B is using Kendo v7 (or some other future/past version).

Both of them will include their global Kendo styles which will collide.

After some investigation, we came up with 2 possible approaches:

  1. Isolating micro frontends using shadow DOM. This is the most common technique but unfortunately not supported by Kendo React yet.
  2. Prepend custom class to all Kendo CSS selectors (for example ".microfronend-a .k-button" instead of just ".k-button").

We have experimented with the second approach and it seems like a way to go. It also required to append all popups to root DOM node of a micro frontend which can be done easily using PopupPropsContext.

But adding a class to all Kendo CSS selector is technically not a trivial task. It would be nice if Kendo supported this out of the box, for example by providing some SCSS configuration variable.

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Are there plans to improve 2.0.0 compatibility with kendo themes? math/calc should still be backwards compatible.

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Created by: Levi
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When creating a custom build, it's highly impractical to trim down the theme css. The Less source breaks out common widget properties, but the primary themable file lumps all widgets together into a single massive file. It would be nice if this could be split apart further to trim out unused widget styles entirely.
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It would be nice if Theme variables would be separated into a different file, to make it possible to import those variables into your own site.less. 
This way colors etc can be re-used across the entire site.
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Let us know whether do you need Office 365-like skin?