Last Updated: 10 Jan 2018 10:26 by Aleksandar
Created on: 21 Jun 2017 21:53
Category: Map
Type: Feature Request
Map: Add the Canvas modes, RoadOnDemand and AerialOnDemand modes in the BingRestMapProvider
The tiles returned from the Bing rest imagery api are not using the latest road tile source. Customers are comparing our integrated maps to the Bing Maps website and complaining that our integrated maps are out of date. Microsoft has added "RoadOnDemand" as an imagerySet value to target the latest tiles. The currently implemented "Road" value is considered legacy.
Attached are images comparing the new Bing tiles and legacy.

Please follow this feature request already logged in our portal.
Currently, you can implement custom map provider and hardcode the link addressing the RoadOnDemand service.

We will not add OrdnanceSurvey mode when we add CanvasModes and OnDemandmodes, as it requires more effort and different development setup.