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Petar Mladenov
Created on: 24 Mar 2016 08:04
Category: MaskedInput
Type: Bug Report
Caret does not move properly in MaskedTextInput with InputBehavior=Replace
Value is aabbcc. Caret is between "a" and "b".

Pressing 2 times  b should move the caret between "b" and "c".

Currently the caret does not move.

Fix available in LIB Version 2016.1.404.
Petar Mladenov
Posted on: 13 Sep 2016 13:51
Both issues are for WPF and SL and their code is shared. Actually when the issue is both for wpf and sl you can expect the category to be WPF in most cases.
Posted on: 13 Sep 2016 13:41
I don't know if it's significant or not, but the issue you've linked above has a Category of "RadMaskedInput for WPF"
Petar Mladenov
Posted on: 09 Sep 2016 13:42

We agree with you and logged a separate issue in our portal. 
Posted on: 30 Aug 2016 14:15
This does not work for a mask such as ###-##-####.

Using this mask, enter a value of 111-22-3333. Then put the cursor at the beginning and try to enter 444-22-1111. The Replace functionality works until the caret gets to the mask character, then it stops.