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Created on: 24 Apr 2014 09:36
Category: UI for Silverlight
Type: Feature Request
Ctrl+Shift+Z combination in MaskedTextInput
When I use Shift+Ctrl+Z combination in MaskedTextInput, corrupted symbols appeared in the field. 

I know that Ctrl+Y combination use as the forward command.

But in another program (Photoshop) I use Ctrl+Z and then Ctrl+Shift+Z combinations, and sometimes I use it habitually in MaskedTextInput and see corrupted symbols. (Many people can also use it habitually).

When i use it nothing should happen or should be a step back.
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Petar Mladenov
Posted on: 29 Apr 2014 16:12
Based on your feedback we logged the following 
Bug ==>
Featur ==>

This is the reason for making this item COMPLETED.