Last Updated: 27 Dec 2016 13:21 by k f
Created on: 13 Apr 2012 10:02
Category: Map
Type: Bug Report
Map: Hanging the browser when the RadMap.Provider property is bound and it is in RadPane
When the RadPane that contains the RadMap is redocked to another location then the RadMap locks the browser.
The RadMap loses its data context and gets null into Provider property. When the data context is restored and the RadMap gets its provider then it hangs, because all calculations inside its logic require map provider which contains necessary information about current projection.It is no problem to change map provider from one to another, but the problem occurs when the map provider is changed to null. 
At least the RadMap should raise exception in a case when the Provider property is assigned to null.
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k f
Posted on: 13 Apr 2012 10:34
If this situation happens, the browser will hard lock on you making the issue difficult to track down.