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HTML viewer is showing Arabic words correctly while 
PDF Export shows splitted characters.

Correct word :  فاتورة
Wrong word with splitted characters :  ةروتاف

Please find attached screenshots for reference.  The issue is appearing only with Linux container. 

Telerik support ticket ( was created and got reply that it is because of libgdiplus library and we were expecting that this issue will be resolved in R2 2023 but it still persists.




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If I use an HTML5-based Report Viewer with the default CONTINUOUS_SCROLL page mode and I start scrolling to the next page, the Get Document Page request is made multiple times for the same page.

If I move to the next page via the toolbar buttons or if I use the SINGLE_PAGE page mode, then problem is not reproduced.

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If the password of the SQL user contains the percentage symbol (%) before a number, the last three steps of the SQL Data Source Configuration Wizard cannot be completed.