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Created by: Peter
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The current htmltextbox on the telerik reporter designer does not support html tags for <table>

There is a work around which creates the html text to an image but the quality is not great but more importantly the word wrap functionality is lost.





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Created by: Steve
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The CSV renderer ignores the visible state of elements in a report definition (sections, headers, footers, text boxes etc.) with the Visible property to false - either explicity or by binding.

This results in much redundant content in the CSV file, that is often not even the actual output/result data - which should be the primary focus of a format like CSV.

Being able to control the output brings much flexibility to the CSV feature. Though Reporting primarily has a focus on a more rich, visual display of data, having access to the same "raw" result set that a report would evaluate can be very useful, without having to try replicate through other means.

Binding the Visible property of elements to: = RenderingFormat.Name <> "CSV" would allow the choice of including what makes sense in the ouput, even allowing a different "view" of the data, which could contain just detail row fields or additionally, summary fields from group and report headers & footers.

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Created by: Hengky
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It would be nice to have a query builder in the web report designer like in the stand alone report designer. 

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Currently, adding custom HTTP request headers to the requests sent by the Blazor Report Viewer is not supported.   I would like this feature added so I may send an anti-forgery token and other values specific to my application in the header.   I'm not able to use the Blazor Report Viewer without this feature.
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Need to allow Excel Export with version on FIPs enbled

Hi Team,

I had tried with the provided post as below with DocumentFormat.openXML.dll verison (2.5) but not working .

please help to resolve this ASAP.


Based on what you described and the ticket info, I am assuming that you are getting this error when you render a report in the Excel 97-2003 (XLS) format. Is that correct?

Unfortunately, this is a known limitation of the Excel 97-2003 rendering, and exporting a report to XLS in FIPS-enabled environments will fail. Considering this, I suggest choosing one of the following options for exporting reports to Excel:

  • Exporting the report to the newer XLSX format. (See exporting in XLSX)
  • Disabling FIPS.

If choose the first option, you can disable the older Excel rendering format so that it is not available as an option when the report is displayed in a report viewer. For example, the following code can be put into the web.config/app.config of the project:


        type="Telerik.Reporting.Configuration.ReportingConfigurationSection, Telerik.Reporting"


        <extension name="XLS" visible="false">



I hope this helps, please let me know if you have any additional questions. Thank you for trying Telerik Reporting!

Progress Telerik

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Created by: Mateusz
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In web report designer Edit bindings are just two simple text field.
It would be nice to have some support when choosing values, for example some DropDownList with available options.
Like in standalone application
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Currently the interface for `IReportSourceResolver.Resolve` only allows for a synchronous implementation of `Resolve`. It'd be nice if the interface allowed for an asynchronous implementation, too.

This is in reference to Telerik Reporting API Server with a custom report source resolver.

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Created by: Dali
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Having columns draggable in design-mode to let user to re-arrange and add/remove the table columns.  Without this feature, I need to delete the table from the report, and then insert the table again when business user want to add/remove/re-arrange column to/from the table. 
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Provide a NPM package with the necessary types to make the React Report Viewer work correctly in .tsx files.
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in the WebReportDesigner it is currently only possible to add a TypeSelector to a StyleRule. (see screenShot: "WRD_StyleRule_Add_Selector.png").

Interestingly, when a report already contains a StyleSelector, it is possible to edit and save the changes, this is great :-), (see screenShot: "WRD_StyleRule_Edit_StyleSelector.png").

Would be great if we could add a StyleSelector ;-).


Best regards

Alexander Schneider


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Created by: David
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MAUI would truly benefit from a reporting engine. While MAUI with Blazor could supposedly use your Reporting engine, that is less straightforward than such an engine working directly with MAUI.