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Created by: John
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The Navigation Drawers of Vuetify have the Expand on hover configuration which will be a very nice feature for the Kendo UI for Vue Drawer component. 

Can you consider the implementation of an equivalent of the mentioned above configuration property? 

Last Updated: 13 Mar 2023 12:43 by Pete

In a scenario where we want to use the Drawer as a navigational component, the best solution from an accessibility perspective would be to add role="navigation" to the Drawer's items and role="main" to the Drawer's content.

The current implementation of the Drawer provides the option to define the discussed role for its content using the following code:

<DrawerContent role="main">
  <router-view />

In the current implementation of the Drawer, the only way we can define a role for its items is through a Javascript code like the following one.

  .setAttribute('role', 'navigation');

Providing a way to configure the role of the Drawer's items will be a useful feature for the component.



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Category: Drawer
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I'm interested in using Drawer for our project, but the current docs only seem to show that it's natively supported with jQuery. I know I can still use it on my Vue project with lots of jQuery usage, but I just wanted to confirm if Drawer is available or not with a vue wrapper to be able to continue with  my component more elegantly.

And if it does not exist yet, I would like to request a new feature for a Kendo UI Vue wrapper available for the Drawer module.