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Currently, the Scheduler events are always placed between the beginning and the end of a slot, no matter if the event actually starts or ends at the slot times. So if an event for example starts at 10:10, the event is placed at the 10:00 slot line and not a little further down below, or if it ends at 11:50 the event end is placed at the 12:00 slot line. I'm talking here especially about the WeekView and the DayView.

This is not accurate enough for some events. Like for example in MS Outlook, if a event doesn't start at the full hour, the graphical representation shows it according to the start time and not at the full hour (see screenshots). We would like to request to make it possible to place events on the Scheduler so that the graphical representation of the event reflects the actual start and and time.

While I was able to calculate a margin for the event start to move it to a more accurate position, it was not possible to also set the height of the event to a calculated positition because the Scheduler doesn't allow this. According your support (see here), an event always has to end at a full slot time and can't be placed somewhere else. Calculating these things on our own brings a whole lot of other problems though (like placing overlapping events correctly, etc.) so that it would be great if the Scheduler had a setting to allow exact positioning according to times.


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React v18 has been released.

It appears that KendoReact only supports up to v17 (dependency conflicts if you try to use v18).

Can you please add support for React v18?


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if yes, do you have any example?