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Created by: James
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This feels like an obvious requirement, but maybe I'm missing something. We're using the Upload component allowing users to upload files to be later referenced and accessed. Would it be possible to add configuration options to display a download icon and hook up an onDownload handler, next to each uploaded file, like it currently does for the "remove" operation? I appreciate you can create a custom UI for the whole component, but then we lose the built-in functionality.    

Thank you.

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Created by: Emil
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We have migrated to Kendo React (from jQuery) and are unable to use Directory upload functionality which existed in jQuery version:


Currently in order to achieve such functionality, the only way is to inject required file input attributes manually as shown below:

    useEffect(() => {
        if (uploadWrapperRef.current) {
            const targetInput = uploadWrapperRef.current.querySelector('input');

                ? targetInput.setAttribute('webkitdirectory', '')
                : targetInput.removeAttribute('webkitdirectory');
    }, [uploadWrapperRef, isFolder]);

This partially solves the issue, however because the directory upload functionality is not provided natively, we are unable to use drag-and-drop functionality for folders. There is no way to overwrite 'onDrop' functionality, which currently accepts only files but not folders.

Would it be possible to add Directory upload to KendoReact as well?

Kind regards,