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The defaults for showIcon and showText are undocumented at and respectively.

I understand they are true and false respectively when type is "rootitem" and the opposite otherwise.

More sensible defaults would be along the lines of:

showIcon = !!icon

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In the DropDownList and ComboBox, virtualization only works when the popup is open. In both widgets, item navigation is functional by pressing down to select the next item in the list without opening the popup. However, when the end of the first page of results is reached, the selection goes back to the top of the first page of results instead of loading the second page via virtualization. This misleads the user in that it only presents a portion of the options available. This is also an issue for disabled users and accessibility.

In both examples, holding down without opening the popup will never load more results.

We have had this issue in the past but it is a bigger issue now that we are focusing more on accessibility since users rely more heavily on keyboard navigation.

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Bug report
When using Spreadsheet with SASS theme and entering an array formula with Ctrl+Shift+Enter the {} braces surrounding array formula in the formula bar are not displayed.

Reproduction of the problem
Enter the following formula in any cell within the dojos below cell and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter : =Product(C3:C11)
dojo of a Spreadsheet demo with LESS theme
dojo of a Spreadsheet demo with SASS theme

Current behavior
Spreadsheet with LESS based theme displays the array formula correctly in the formula bar: {=Product(C3:C11)}
Spreadsheet with SASS based theme displays the array formula incorrectly in the formula bar: =Product(C3:C11)

Expected/desired behavior
Spreadsheet with SASS based theme should display array formulas with {} braces: {=Product(C3:C11)}

Kendo UI version: 2019.3.1023

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Scheduled for 2019.R3
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Type: Bug Report

Using the MobileView AngularJS directive throws an error upon initialization. This is a regression from 2019 R2 release.

Reproduction of the problem