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Category: MVVM
Type: Bug Report

The documentation states that Non-Boolean values, such as 0, null, undefined, and "", are treated as false by the enabled binding.

However, binding to undefined does not disable the element - all other cases are working.



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Release 2021.R3

Bug report

When a template is used in MVVM scenario the values of the TreeView model are not updated correctly

Reproduction of the problem

  1. Open the Dojo example
  2. Select a node (for example 'Location 2')
  3. Click on the 'Add New' button - when clicking on the button the value of the 'showAddNewButtonBarcode' property is changed. Thus, the button should become invisible

Current behavior

Although the value of the showAddNewButtonBarcode is changed and 'data-bind="visible:.." is false, the button remains visible

Expected/desired behavior

The binding should work as expected. In this scenario, the button should become invisible.

The issue is a regression introduced with Kendo version 2019.3.917

Related to : #5226
Related commit: - telerik/kendo@ca858c6


  • Kendo UI version: 2021.2.511
  • Browser: [all]
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Category: MVVM
Type: Bug Report

### Bug report

When the Kendo UI NumericTextBox widget is implemented via the MVVM pattern, the property "selectOnFocus" can't be set with the 'data' attribute.

### Reproduction of the problem

1) Create a NumericTextBox widget by using MVVM pattern;

2) Set data-selectOnFocus="true" to the input element for the NumericTextBox;

3) Enter a value in the NumericTextBox and focus it;

4) The entered value is not selected;

A Dojo sample for reproduction:

### Expected/desired behavior

When the Kendo UI NmericTextBox with MVVM is configured with option data-selectOnFocus="true", the entered value should be selected, once the input element is focused.

### Environment

* **Kendo UI version:**2021.1.224
* **jQuery version:** 1.12.4
* **Browser:** [all]