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Bug report

The addCard command, called from a TaskBoard in the PreviewPane, is also executing for the parent TaskBoard. That results in a JS error.

Reproduction of the problem

  1. Open this Dojo example - https://dojo.telerik.com/@martin.tabakov@progress.com/ayUsOwel/6
  2. Open the Preview Pane.
  3. Try adding a Card in the TaskBoard in the Preview Pane.

Current behavior

A JS error is thrown and a card is not created.

Expected/desired behavior

No JS errors should be thrown and the card should be created.


  • Kendo UI version: 2021.2.616
  • Browser: [all]
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### Bug report

When the TaskBoard is configured with the Kendo Form configuration for Card editing, the built-in Validator options don't run.

### Reproduction of the problem

1. Create a TaskBoard and add the Kendo Form as an editable configuration option.

2. Configure the built-in Validator options.

3. Specify the validation rules for the fields.

4. The fields are not validated when the task is edited.

A Dojo sample for reproduction: https://dojo.telerik.com/iSamumEw/4

### Expected/desired behavior

The task should be validated by using the built-in Validator options of the Kendo Form.

### Environment

* **Kendo UI version: 2021.2.616
* **jQuery version: 1.12.4
* **Browser: [all]