Last Updated: 11 Nov 2019 12:00 by Brent
Bug report
When submitting a selection in the ComboBox via Enter keypress an incorrect item is selected.

Reproduction of the problem
Run this dojo
Enter 199 in the input field and:
Click outside of the input field - text() returns 199, value() returns 199
Hit Tab key - text() returns 199, value() returns 199
Hit Enter key - text() returns 4, value() returns 199
With Kendo UI versions after 2018.2.516 pressing the Tab key outputs the same result as pressing the Enter key.

Current behavior
An incorrect item from dataSource is being selected on Enter keypress.

Expected/desired behavior
Selection modes should return same item.

Kendo UI version: 2018.2.516
Browser: [all]
Last Updated: 05 Sep 2019 10:39 by ADMIN


we found a hard to reproduce bug in the combobox control. It appears infrequently while typing in the combobox input, if the combobox has grouping and the fixed header enabled. It does not seem to have functional implications to the control but it produces a javascript error.


_firstVisibleItem: function () {
    for (var t = this.element[0], n = this.content[0], i = n.scrollTop, r = e(t.children[0]).height(), o = Math.floor(i / r) || 0, a = t.children[o] || t.lastChild, s = a.offsetTop < i; a; ) if (s) {
      if (a.offsetTop + r > i || !a.nextSibling) break;
      a = a.nextSibling
    } else {
      if (a.offsetTop <= i || !a.previousSibling) break;
      a = a.previousSibling
    return this._view[e(a).data('offset-index')]

It seems to be a timing problem where the list is already loading again while the scroll from the item selection is not finished.