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Created by: Da
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Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Feature Request

Please support API access for private NuGet feed. It is more friendly to build servers and avoids user information leaking.



Update from 1 Mar 2021 - At the moment we are looking at providing certificate-based access - a relatively new feature that seems to be the current best practice (issue, PR). While it does require a little bit of setup, it does not expose secrets in the URL, and does not require user credentials.


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SVG Example:

                    <pattern id="Occupied"
                            width="4" height="10"
                            patternTransform="rotate(45 50 50)">
                        <line stroke="#ffb29d" stroke-width="2" y2="10"/>
                <rect x="5" y="5"
                      width="40" height="100"
                      stroke-width="1" />

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Created by: Sitesh
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Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Feature Request
Having a character counter for textbox & textareas gives users nice little heads up as they start typing to summarize the text for a fixed length. Not sure about internet applications but its becoming more & more a requirement in business applications. Please give it a thought.
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Created by: Sebastian
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Category: PivotGrid
Type: Feature Request
The PivotConfigurator is very static. It would be nice to change the layout.

For example some options:
- Hide / visibility of all four elements (Row, Column, Measure, Fieldlist)
- Position of all four elements (Row, Column, Measure, Fieldlist)
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Created by: Marius
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Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Feature Request
A heatmap (grid-style at least) is very much useful in any decent project management application. A widget that could remotely connect color-shades to jSON data would be really great.
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Please add the following things in Kendo UI
validators for compare, password length check, password complexity check, RangeValidator, ValidationSummary
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Created by: Stoich
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Category: Grid
Type: Feature Request
Currently you can clone the Pager to make it appear both on Top/Bottom. This should be configurable so that you can have in on top of the grid or the bottom of grid or both
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It would be nice to be able to configure the grid in a way that when I collapse a group, the lines it was occupying are then filled up by the results from the following pages.

Kendo Grid currently only minimizes the results of the current page. It ignores the pageSize config we have set, not bringing more items to occupy the number of lines we have configured.

Here are some screenshots I took from the DevExpress grid. There you can see that the column year is grouped and initially the years 90 and 91 are expanded. When I collapse the year 90, the results from the year 91 fill up the space the other group was not using anymore.
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Created by: Martin
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Category: DropDownTree
Type: Feature Request

In cases when we have loadOnDemand set to true and we want to populate the value of the DropDownTree initially we need a way to check if this value is part of the available options. One possible solution is adding a valueMapper function similar to the one use in virtualization scenarios.

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Created by: Jose
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Category: Spreadsheet
Type: Feature Request
Set an indicator same way that grid already does but now in sheet cells when a record is 'dirty'.