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Hi admin,

I have a problem when I do with the Spreadsheet.

Bug only appear on mobile deice that run iOS operation system. You need prepare a device as iPhone or iPad

** Prerequisite step.

1. Your device must install Japanese keyboard percussion. You can refer to this below link 


2. You visit to

https://demos.telerik.com/kendo-ui/spreadsheet/index   by your device

** Step to reproduce this bug

Because having may steps to reproduce this bug, I records a video. Please check video attached.


When you switch to Japanese keyboard percussion,  you select a cell and enter a formula excel on  'fx' input

Ex: =sum

** Phenomenon: 

You enter "="  and then continue entering 'u' character. But cells lose focus and can't enter any character.

You must click again on 'fx' input, it focus again. But only enter a character. And then continue losing focus

Please confirm and help me this problem



Won't Fix
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If the DEL key is pressed at the end of Row 1.1.1

- Row 1
  - Row 1.1
    - Row 1.1.1
- Row 2
- Row 3

then it looks like this (with two slashes -)

- Row 1
  - Row 1.1
    - Row 1.1.1Row 2
- - Row 3

This is the answer from Telerik:
I am afraid the result of the delete key press comes entirely from the browser. You can check out this example here: http://dojo.telerik.com/ejEfu. If you repeat the same steps, you will get the same results. This is how the browser interprets the deletion with del key in this scenario. 
The Kendo Efitor does not somehow interrupt the browser deletion functionality and currently has no control over the content that is deleted and replaced. You could possible suggest a feature request on the topic in the Kendo Feedback channel so that others can vote for your suggestion. The solution of that case would be the deletion commands to be controlled via custom editor commands (something that is not present currently).