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Last Updated: 17 May 2024 15:02 by Blake

Feature Request/Enhancement to allow series.tooltip configuration for bubble charts in chart initialization.

Since my company is a public entity we are required by law to follow ADA accessibility on our web apps. We are currently using ASP.NET Core MVC and Kendo UI for jQuery. To meet the ADA requirements I have been going through our Kendo Charts and configuring the tooltips to meet the ADA color blindness contrast ratio standard of 3:1. 

It came to my attention that I cannot configure the bubble chart's series.tooltip the same way that I can a donut or pie chart. Since I am required to use a certain color of red in my chart and the default tooltip.color is black the contrast for small text does not meet the WCAG AA standard for text under 17 pt. 

My feature request/enhancement is to allow charts to all have the same initialization process for things such as series.tooltip to allow easy config to meet ADA standards.

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I have a requirement to show parent rows below the child rows, such that when a parent row is expanded the children show up above the parent. Currently from the options, it seems that parent row can only be expanded to show children below the parent. This is not supported by the grid or treelist, and Kendo support has requested this be logged as a feature.

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Last Updated: 09 Sep 2022 06:29 by ADMIN

Add a hidden input to store the current value in it at all times, and a visible display input that has the month/day/year or current value displayed in it; it solved all of the issues and is currently implemented on numerous other Kendo form input controls.

This will make the DateInput compatible with JQuery Unobtrusive Validation.