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Created by: José Carlos
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Category: MultiViewCalendar
Type: Feature Request

Hi Team,

I would like to request a built-in way to control the display of the Month view by changing how the months appear.  For example, if I wanted to display 12 months in a 3 X 4, it would be nice to set this orientation. 

Thank you!


Last Updated: 24 Jan 2020 10:07 by ADMIN

To change the MultiViewCalendar, you have to look for the header classes and manipulate them via javascript after the calendar renders. 

The footer has an API option so you can change it declaratively.

The header also needs an API option, so that we can either adjust the view button's text (by default the button provides a way to change the calendar's view) or to replace the button entirely with something else, like a centered drop-down month selection button (just an example, my use case was to center, bold, and display the title of the calendar while getting rid of the ability to change the view).  Be good if this option handled supported either a string or a template or a function, depending on what is best for the control's future plans.