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i think SPA View needs to be extended with tools to dynamically load new view template/scripts for scenarios (if already loaded dont call server load) in with there are many views that cannot be loaded af first time. Maybe it could implement it as a sort of view datasource for example based on server side with web-api or similar. It can be also extended with a binding for initial view script execution. It will be interesting also the ability of collect rendered or loaded view to quick reuse them with switch transition (extend layout switch with animation switch).
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It would be nice to have a built in method to alert a user with a confirmation dialog when they are attempting to navigate away from a route/view that has a model with unsaved changes. An example of this would be DirtyForms but this library will not always work with Kendo as it is applied to the form and and not a model. There might be many non-form/input methods one can interact with a model in a rich web application.