Last Updated: 15 Dec 2022 13:41 by Erik
Created by: Erik
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Category: SplitButton
Type: Feature Request

So far the SplitButton behaves as a single tab stop component. But the component is created by two buttons, one which triggers a single operation and the arrow which only opens the popup.

The arrow should be part of the Tab sequence so the user can open only the popup without the need to use Alt+Down arrow combination.

Last Updated: 24 Jun 2021 14:44 by ADMIN
Created by: Geoff
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Category: SplitButton
Type: Feature Request
The first button rendered in the Splitbutton component always has a type of "button", which is not great if you want the button to automatically submit a form. A "type" input should be added and bound to the first button so that you can set it to "submit".