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Created by: Christoph
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Category: Notification
Type: Feature Request

For now, notifications can be closable OR automatically hide after some time.

When talking about error notifications we want to show them for a longer time (let's say 10 seconds) to ensure, users see them. The problem is, that notifications may hide content and it would be cool, if users could manually close them after reading.

Feature request:

Allow notifications that support BOTH properties set:

  • hideAfter AND
  • closable

    public show(): void {
            type: { style: 'error', icon: true },
            closable: true,
            hideAfter: 10000

Meaning: Hide notifications after 10 secs but allow users to close them earlier. 


Current behavior: https://www.telerik.com/kendo-angular-ui/components/notification/hiding-notifications/#toc-defining-a-closable-notification