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Created by: Nitika
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Please provide a built - in rows reordering functionality that isn't based on the public HTML drag and drop api. Also please allow to customize the content of the drag hint. Something similar to the drag and drop feature of the TreeView.

thank you

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As I explained in this post, I would like to set max-width on certain columns of a grid to force them to not becoming bigger than a certain size if there is a remaining width in the parent container. However, I do need to distribute the remaining width across other columns if they don't have max-width.


For example in this project, I want the first column which shows the ID of products would never be bigger than 15. I'm advised to leave one of the columns without setting width, so that column will occupy the remaining width and as a result the width of columns with width will be respected as max-width. However, that is not good because in big screens you will end up with a very big column while other columns are still suffering from lack of space.