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Created by: Markus
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Category: NumericTextBox
Type: Feature Request

The value of the NumericTextbox is of type number. 

Please allow also null and undefined as valid types for the value field.

I like to force a user input into the without setting a default value.

In this case I want to set the value to null. If I do this, the type checker complains that null is not a valid type for the value field.



    selector: 'my-component',
    template: '<kendo-numerictextbox [value]="__value" (valueChange)="onValueChange($event)"></kendo-numerictextbox>',
export class MyComponent {
    public __value: number | null = null;   

    public onValueChange(value: number|null): void {
        this.__value = value;

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Created by: Benedetta
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Category: Window
Type: Bug Report


i'm trying to use the WindowService customizing the messages (tooltip) of the action buttons.

Seems that the custom labels are not shown and i have a console error

preview-2f5baf5affd53e419d85b.js:1 ERROR TypeError: Cannot set property 'closeTitle' of undefined

Here an example:


any suggestions?



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We encountered a problem when using kendo-sortable component in IE11. If we use this component anywhere on the page, all input fields on the page become unclickable. It seems to happen in the last version of this control (maybe because of a global click event listener? )

Hope you can help with this issue.

You can check out the following Stackblitz example which is based on your basic usage example: https://angular-t7vi5k.stackblitz.io/

Thanks in advance and happy holidays,

Shai Aharoni


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Last Updated: 05 Mar 2019 08:17 by Kendo UI
Created by: Alexander
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Category: Kendo UI for Angular 2+
Type: Feature Request

Cannot copy-paste date between 2 datepickers. Found issues:

  • Cannot select whole date by mouse. Now it's reset to select only one date part by mouse. Current workaround: clicking Ctrl+A with keyboard.
  • Similar: I think selecting whole date should be a default behavior when I click datepicker by mouse, because after keyboard navigation by TAB  the whole date is selected by default. No selection after clicking is also applicable (as it's done for standard input type="text").
  • Similar: cannot select whole date by mouse with double click (expected behavior for inputs).
  • Related issue: navigating by TAB across datepickers is too long. Because date parts are also "navigated". E.g. to navigate by TAB between 2 datepcikers I need to press TAB 4 times! If I have more datepickers, navigation is too annoying.
  • Minor: cannot drag&drop dates between datepickers.

Can be reproduced in any Kendo example (and browser) on the documentation site.