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Created by: Arokia
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Category: Gauges
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We implement linear gauges with the arrow pointer in our application. We want to know how to display an actual label next to the pointer, which would show/indicate the current value in the gauge 

I can across this bellow article but could not find any other information to support the implementation.

It would we help if you can provide us with some sample where we can show the actual value in the linear gauge.

Bellow are some Angular 7 and Kendo 


lineargauge-elements-working-with-needle 001


our Requirement

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Created by: Alan
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Category: Gauges
Type: Feature Request

We have a control that has been used in our Xamarin application for a few years now utilizing the RadRadialGaugeView with an inner and outer GaugeRadailBarIndicator. This has been used to display a dual value/color radial progress indicator. 

We now have the need for this same control with the same layout, function, and coloring to exist on our newer Angular 8+ application.

Please provide the opportunity to create a multi-arc/radial gauge control through the Kendo UI for Angular library.