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There are older releases with a version of for the Telerik.JustMock.Console.exe and with the R3 2022 release, the version is

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Referencing the nuget Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.AspNetCore V2.20.0 in the project that is tested leads to the VS 2019 code coverage failing to produce the report. Here are the steps to reproduce:

1. Create a project from the template ASP.NET Core Web API targeting .NET 5

2. Add a reference to the nuget package Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.AspNetCore V2.20.0

3. Create a unit test project from the C# JustMock Test Project (.NET Core) template.

4. Run the VS code coverage.

Expected result: the code coverage report is produced.

Actual result: there is no code coverage report

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Mock.Create<IPool>() fails with 

Telerik.JustMock.Core.MockException : Abstract type 'IPool' is not accessible for inheritance.
   In Telerik.JustMock.Core.MocksRepository.Create(Type type, MockCreationSettings settings)
   In Telerik.JustMock.Mock.<>c__39`1.<Create>b__39_0()
   In Telerik.JustMock.Core.ProfilerInterceptor.GuardInternal[T](Func`1 guardedAction) 

when trying to create a mock object from

public interface IPool
    object GetItem(in Struct a, out Class b);


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Some years ago, we committed ourselves to introduce support in Telerik JustMock for all new technology trends as soon as we can. We will introduce support for the official .NET 7 version following this commitment.