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We've been using FiddlerCore 5.0.0 for a while, but recently found that we can't open any SAZ files we generate. When we try to open any in Fiddler Classic we get a popup with the message: The selected file is not a Fiddler-generated .SAZ archive of Web Sessions.

Here are the things I've tried:

  • When renaming the saz to zip the contents look correct.
  • After using the repair option when opening the saz in FiddlerClassic the saz then opens.
  • Renaming the repaired saz to zip and comparing the contents the the original saz as zip - contents compare identical.
  • We use a custom saz writer that hasn't been changed since we originally integrated FiddlerCore, but I'm seeing the same error in each Session object we cache for list passed to Utilities.WriteSessionArchive : "Session #error CS0103: The name 'm_requestID' does not exist in the current context, error CS0103: The name 'm_state' does not exist in the current context". This is not coming from our code. 
  • I tried not using a custom writer, but just call Utilities.WriteSessionArchive, the call fails but I can't determine the reason why.
  • Attached is a sample saz file we generate that causes the issues described.

Thanks for any assistance.