Last Updated: 15 Oct 2021 08:48 by ADMIN

When you try to use Wizard with only one step inside, the following error appears:

"ArgumentException: The "Max" value should be greater than 0."

If you have more than one step, everything works as expected.


----------ADMIN EDIT-----------

To avoid the exception, you can use at least two steps inside the Wizard.

Last Updated: 22 Jul 2021 13:48 by ADMIN

The keyboard navigation built into the Wizard control conflicts with DatePicker. When I used the up down arrows to change the date it causes the wizard to move to the next page.


I am able to reproduce this same issue right on the demo page Blazor Wizard Demos - Overview | Telerik UI for Blazor


Steps to Reproduce.

1. Complete the required password.

2. select the date field and use the up down arrow keys.


I'm not aware of any workaround since we cannot disable keyboard navigation on the Wizard control.