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Created by: Dev
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Category: Charts
Type: Feature Request

In Kendo-React chart i can set the property "maxDivision" like this:


and the chart will show only 30 dates in the displayed range, even if zoom in. 

Is there a way for doing the same thing in Blazor Chart? 

I tryed Type"fit" and MaxDateGroup but i need to show always all the points and this isnot a good solution.
I tryed ChartCategoryAxisLabels Step="number_of_labels_to_render" but when i zoom in the chart
will not show other dates.



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Created by: Jerdobi
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Category: UI for Blazor
Type: Feature Request

The sort order for some strings should be in natural sort order.  

1.10 -> 1.13 should be following 1.9 in this example.

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I would like to use a target selector that has some special symbols such as ! and @. Currently, the querySelectorAll() does not accept the !sample-class as a valid selector, but the getElementsByClassName accepts it. 
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Created by: Victor
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Category: UI for Blazor
Type: Feature Request

Hi, It is possible to have a component that enables the use of the camera and to be able to scan barcodes or QR (1D  & 2D), for Blazor Web assembly and Blazor Server Side. Now this require JavaScript library like as QuaggaJS.

I think that having such a component is very useful and will allow you to build applications with advanced functionalities, other companies offer but only to generate barcodes or QR codes.

Example thanks aLorsSilvermort : https://github.com/LorsSilvermort/BlazorBarcodeReader


Best Rgards,

Victor Antelo

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Created by: Adam
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Category: Map
Type: Feature Request
We are using the Map UI Component, where we are allowing a user to enter two points onto the map. Using the map component, is there a way to find a route between these two points as well as find out the distance of that route?