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I'm having an issue with the TimePickerFor control, it doesn't show the time, only a strange format.


When I declare the control:

            @(Html.Kendo().TimePickerFor(m => m.ShiftStartDt)


it only shows a forma of "h:mm tt" instead of the time from the model


When I change the control to a datetime picker, it works fine but I don't want to see the date, only the time.

This works:

            @(Html.Kendo().DateTimePickerFor(m => m.ShiftStartDt)


I have debugged the model and the data is correct,

        [Display(Name = "Start Time")]
        public DateTime ShiftStartDt { get; set; }


I have even tried changing the model to TimeSpan but it didn't help

I tried setting the format also on the control and using jquery:

            format: "HH:mm"


still always shows "h:mm tt" always, no matter what I do