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Created by: Michael Glienecke
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to have the option to declare a checkbox nullable (tri-state) would be a real enhancement as this is often needed by us.

All the best


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Currently,  Gantt would allow you to pass only the id, Text, Color, and Format for each resource. Custom fields could not be passed to the widget. I would like to have the possibility to add custom fields for Gantt resources. 
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I need vertical TabStrip with scrollable next and previous icons.

I noticed that previous and next options are not displaying for TabStrip in left tab position mode.
Although it works very well in top tab position mode.

The scrollable tabs functionality that displays scroll buttons on the left or the right side of the TabStrip is available only in "top" and "bottom" position. Its mentioned in below link:



In the sample

Here is the Dojo Sample attached:

https://dojo.telerik.com/opexUbEz/3 - Top Positioned Tabs (Arrow buttons are showing)

https://dojo.telerik.com/opexUbEz/4 - Left Positioned Tabs (Arrow buttons are not showing)


Please implement this feature ASAP. its business critical requirement.



Isha Chib

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The FileManager component makes the assumption that all files and directories can be uniquely adressed by name and path.

Unfortunately, this isn't true in many cases: identifying a specific file could require additional information (like database record ID or namespace) that cannot be provided globally for the page and therefore needs to be stored individually with each file entry inside the client's datamodel.

(In my case, different entities in the database have their own "virtual storage" where files are references as items stored in a cloud block storage service. This means that I can several files with the same name and path (but diffreent content) referenced in the database or even several files with the same name and folder linked to the same entity).

As a workaround, if there is no need to represent folder structure at all, the "path" field can be used to hold the database ID of the file and that field can then be used by the Javascript that generate the download link (and other file action URLs).

After trying to use a richer object in the JSON returned to the FileManager Read action, I have come to the conclusiong (confirmed by support), that doing so will break the compnent (rename will not trigger any action on the server, update will cause a JS error inside the kendo libraries).

My suggestion would be to add some additional field to the data model to hold domain-specific information. That field should be handeled in a transparent manner by the Kendo component and it should be made available to any Javascript method. Ideally, I would have loved to be able to add a full set of properties to the client-side object but a single additional string property would actually be enough for everything I need to do.

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Created by: Alberto Zanetti
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Category: Gantt
Type: Feature Request
That is a missing feature which is contained in Jquery gantt.
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Created by: Dina
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Category: Grid
Type: Feature Request


I want to be able to expand / collapse grouped column headers in my grid (ASP.NET Core). I have found this example which achieves what I need (https://docs.telerik.com/kendo-ui/knowledge-base/grid-expand-collapse-columns-group-button-click), however the HeaderTemplate() method appears to be unavailable. See my placement below. 

I am using the following packages:

KendoUIProfessional, Version="2020.3.915"
Telerik.UI.for.AspNet.Core, Version="2020.3.915"


    .Columns(columns =>
        columns.Group(g => g
            .Title("Key information")
            .HeaderTemplate("Key info <button class='k-button' style='float: right;' onclick='onExpColClick(this)'><span class='k-icon k-i-minus'></span></button>")
            .Columns(i =>
                i.ForeignKey(p => p.ContinentId, (System.Collections.IEnumerable) ViewData["continents"], "Id", "ContinentName")
                i.ForeignKey(p => p.AreaId, (System.Collections.IEnumerable) ViewData["areas"], "Id", "AreaName")
        columns.ForeignKey(p => p.CountryStateProvinceId, (System.Collections.IEnumerable)ViewData["countries"], "Id", "CountryStateProvinceName")
        columns.Command(command => command.Destroy()).Width(100);
        .ToolBar(toolbar =>
        toolbar.Custom().Text("Mark reviewed").Name("review");
    .Editable(editable => editable.Mode(GridEditMode.InCell))
        .Resizable(r => r.Columns(true))
        .Reorderable(r => r.Columns(true))
        .Filterable(f => f
            .Messages(m => m.Info("Show items with:"))
            .Operators(operators => operators
                .ForString(str => str
        .Scrollable(sc => sc.Virtual(true))
        .Events(e => e
    .DataSource(dataSource => dataSource
        .Model(model =>
        model.Id(p => p.Id);
        model.Field(p => p.Id).Editable(false);
        model.Field(p => p.ContinentId).DefaultValue((ViewData["defaultContinent"] as ContinentViewModel).Id);
        model.Field(p => p.AreaId).DefaultValue((ViewData["defaultArea"] as AreaViewModel).Id);
        model.Field(p => p.CountryStateProvinceId).DefaultValue((ViewData["defaultCountry"] as CountryStateProvinceViewModel).Id);
        .Read(read => read.Action("GetRegulations", "RegulationIndex").Type(HttpVerbs.Get))
        .Create(create => create.Action("AddRegulations", "RegulationIndex").Type(HttpVerbs.Post))
        .Update(update => update.Action("UpdateRegulations", "RegulationIndex").Type(HttpVerbs.Post))
        .Destroy(delete => delete.Action("DeleteRegulations", "RegulationIndex").Type(HttpVerbs.Delete))
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Created by: Marcin
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Category: UI for ASP.NET Core
Type: Feature Request

Since support for cancellation token on user vote:



was declined and is unplanned.

I would like to implement it by myself.

However most of methods used by code is private or internal, so extending current one is difficult to achieve without copying a lot of existing methods and marking them public. It would be good make them part of public api so implementing own extension to ToDataSourceResult and ToTreeDataSourceResult would be possible. Currently it is not.

Kind Regards


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It would be useful to have an exemple of how to uploda directly to an Azure Storage container from a Kendo UI upload or FileManager component.


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We are trying to convert the example below but in ASP.NET Core 3.1 project. 

- https://github.com/telerik/ui-for-aspnet-mvc-examples/blob/master/editor/database-image-browser/DatabaseImageBrowser/Controllers/ImageBrowserController.cs

Currently, some of the classes and functions related to image resizing and creating thumbnails do not exist for UI for ASP.NET Core. We would like to ask for the above-mentioned classes to be supported in UI for ASP.NET Core.

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Created by: ERRICOS
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Category: UI for ASP.NET Core
Type: Feature Request

We want to have a tabstrip that a user can select the tabs that he wants with checkbox. For example:

It will be a great feature.

<div id="tabstrip">
             <li>@Html.Checkbox("name",false) A </li>

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Created by: Bryan Patrick
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Category: Filter
Type: Feature Request

Feature Enhancement
Expose Default Operator for Filter fields

Current behavior
Apart from setting FilterExpression to render filed with a certain operator, there is no option for setting a Default Operator for the fields

.FilterExpression(f =>
          f.Add(p => p.FirstName).Contains("Jeremy");

The above renders the Contains operator initially but if you change the field and return back to the FirstName field the operator is no longer Contains.

Expected/desired behavior
Default Operator for FIlter fields shall be exposed

Kendo UI version: all
Browser: al

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Created by: Murat
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Category: UI for ASP.NET Core
Type: Feature Request

Hallo Teleirk team

Please add Rotate function to the imageeditor

Thank you



Best regards

Murat from Zurich


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I raised a support ticket for the spreadsheet control regarding performance and was asked to make a feature request. I'm running a Monte Carlo simulation in a relatively simple spreadsheet. I need to recalculate a cell value (which references other cells including a random function in a formula) and enter that in a new cell. The process is repeated 500 times so I have 500 new numbers. This is nearly instant in Excel desktop and online. In the telerik control each time I get the value of the cell and set it to the new cell it takes 1-2 seconds. Setting the new cell refreshes the one referencing the random number. The routine can take over 10 minutes to run. If I run in a batch job the cell with the random number is not recalculated so I have the same number 500 times. I need to be able to recalculate the cell without the overhead of updating the layout.  

Introduction to Monte Carlo simulation in Excel

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Per the documentation for the Grid's Search Panel:

"When the server operations are enabled, you can search only by using string fields."


This is an oddly-specific limitation to have that causes an awkward user experience. Grids in some areas with limited data might use client operations and, as a result, the Search Panel is capable of searching all columns in a Grid. Other areas, however, might have grids with significantly more data and be using server operations for performance reasons. A side-effect of this would mean the Search Panel is incapable of filtering on non-string fields. This not only might lead to unexpected results to an end-user, but also requires the developer to explicitly list each string field that can be searched. If a developer forgets to list only string fields, the default action will be for it to attempt to filter on all fields. If any fields happen to not be strings, you still get a loading indicator as if it's attempting to filter, but the Ajax request silently fails and returns an error 500 behind the scenes.

There are some manual workarounds discussed here, as well as some information as to why this limitation exists. It seems like the problems causing these limitations are known, as are some rough workarounds to get around it. It would be great if we could get some official support to address this limitation so developers aren't left to either work around it on their own or avoid using this feature altogether. This feature would be great if it weren't for this limitation. A single place to quickly and easily type in something to filter on, and have that filter applied against all columns could definitely save some time and be very useful, but with this limitation with a pretty technical explanation (from an end-user perspective), the unexpected mixed results could instead lead to confusion and frustration, and distrust of this feature.

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 Could we please get tabstrip support for both a


and a


 to make it simpler, easier, and more elegant to load content into the tabs of a tabstrip?

For more discussion, please see 



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Created by: Tom
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Category: Gantt
Type: Feature Request
I have been trying to display html in a Gantt cell the is not on the timeline. I have tried adding encode: true in the gantt properties, the gantt columns and the Gantt Data Source. with no luck.  What am I doing wrong?
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I would like to see a thumbnail of the image in the FileManager for images.  Currently it shows an icon for images.  In place of the image icon I would like to see a small thumbnail of the image.

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Created by: Stefania
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Category: Form
Type: Feature Request
Allow configuring the Upload component through the .Items configuration:
.Items(items =>
        .Field(f => f.Type)
        .Label(l => l.Text("Type:"))
        .Editor(e =>

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Currently, if a PDFViewer is opened on a mobile device and we use two fingers to zoom its content, the file is zoomed but the more we zoom it, the blurrier its content becomes. The reason for this is the fact that when we use "pinch-zoom" to zoom the PDF file(in a PDFViewer) it is zoomed using the browser's zoom functionality and not the functionality provided by the PDFViewer component. 

It will be a very useful feature if the built-in PDFViewer zoom functionality is used when the user zooms content with two fingers, on a mobile device

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Created by: JeffSM
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Category: UI for ASP.NET Core
Type: Feature Request
Having a component that is an equivalent of the RadPanorama (https://docs.telerik.com/devtools/winforms/controls/panorama/overview) would be nice to have in UI for ASP.NET Core. 
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