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Release 2021.R2
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Type: Feature Request
Implement Telerik.Web.Spreadsheet for .Net Core
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Bug report

The current TagHelper implementation of the Spreadsheet doesn't allow a definition of a custom toolbar. What the user can define in the toolbar configuratio is to show selected pre-defined tools using a configuration like the following:

        <home >
            <tool name="open"></tool>

In the Kendo UI for jQuery suite, we can define a custom toolbar as follows:

        toolbar: {
              type: "button",
              text: "PDF",
              showText: "both",
              icon: "k-icon k-i-download",
              click: exportPdf

Reproduction of the problem

Here is a sample project in which the "Open file" tool is defined.

Current behavior

We cannot define a custom toolbar using the Spreadsheet tag helper.

Expected/desired behavior

The user should be able to define a custom toolbar using the Spreadsheet tag helper as it is possible in the Kendo UI for jQuery suite -


  • Kendo UI version: 2020.3.1118
  • jQuery version: x.y
  • Browser: [all]
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I raised a support ticket for the spreadsheet control regarding performance and was asked to make a feature request. I'm running a Monte Carlo simulation in a relatively simple spreadsheet. I need to recalculate a cell value (which references other cells including a random function in a formula) and enter that in a new cell. The process is repeated 500 times so I have 500 new numbers. This is nearly instant in Excel desktop and online. In the telerik control each time I get the value of the cell and set it to the new cell it takes 1-2 seconds. Setting the new cell refreshes the one referencing the random number. The routine can take over 10 minutes to run. If I run in a batch job the cell with the random number is not recalculated so I have the same number 500 times. I need to be able to recalculate the cell without the overhead of updating the layout.  

Introduction to Monte Carlo simulation in Excel