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The RadTooltip and RadTooltipManager do not display tooltips like the default browser tooltips, if the tooltips are "nested".

Consider HTML like this

My name is <span class="app" title="Person Tooltip">Mathyß<a class="noteLink criticalRight" id="RqoTeiLink_a" title="Der Notelink Tooltip"><sup>a</sup></a> Schwertzenbachen</span>, and I live somewhere. 

If you tooltipify this HTML then only the "outer" tooltip is displayed all the time. When using just the browser, then it displays correctly the "inner" tooltip when you hover over the link.

As the behaviour is not consitent with the browser (and other Tooltip libraries) this should be fixed.
Last Updated: 01 Nov 2013 13:06 by ADMIN
Telerik version - 2011.1.614.35

RadToolTip issue seen on Chrome (version 28.0.1500.95) and Safari (version 5.1.7)

The RadToolTip doesn’t align properly with the control that was hidden initially.
i.  There is a label control inside the RadGrid header template, that has RadToolTip attached.
ii.  On page load, the column is hidden.
iii.  The column is made visible when a particular button is clicked (client side event).
iv.  When the cursor is hovered over this column for the first time, the tool tip is seen at a distant place away from the label.
v.  However, when hovered again, it is seen properly aligned with the label control