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Suddenly all my projects tell me to 'Convert to Telerik Web Site' but they all are already are?

All projects are affected. If I try to convert and choose a different skin this seems to affect the installation, but the button 'Convert to Telerik Web Site' is still visible.

Is there a way to fix this?
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Created by: miksh
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When search dropdown is open in MultiColumnComboBox and you scroll the page (e.g. by mouse wheel) the dropdown is immediately closed which is quite inconvenient.

Both Combobox and DropDownList keep the dropdown opened when you are scrolling the page.

Could you fix it?
Any temp workaround?

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I have an ASP.NET Ajax Telerik Solution (site) that has a web site project and a library project.  The solution was developed almost 8 years ago and so far I've been able to upgrade telerik controls  several times without any problem. Now, when I tried to upgrade the Telerik controls using the Upgrade Wizard Project only shows the class library as you can see in the attached picture.

To replicate this beahavior:

1. Create a new Telerik VB Webform Site
2. Add a Class Library Net Framework project to the solution.
3. Add a reference to Telerik.Web.UI to the Class Library project (optional).
4. Save and close solution.
5. Reopen it and run the Telerik Upgrade Wizard Project.

It only shows the Class Library project ...